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The Eight Marriage "Pathways"

Under the guidance and direction of a PhD marriage and family psychologist, eight aspects of a full and rich marriage were identified by the research team, the result of countless hours of research, discussion and observation. Defined as “Pathways”, due to their active development throughout the marriage relationship, a series of statements was developed specific to each Pathway and crafted into a unique marriage assessment called Pathways in Marriage. Each Pathway is listed below, along with its definition.


Expectations are the pre-understandings you each bring to your relationship regarding the roles of the husband and wife, your beliefs on how your partner is supposed to act in your marriage.


Intimacy is the close, loving, affectionate and personal relationship you have with your partner. The sexual aspect of your marriage is included in the Intimacy pathway.


Negotiation is more advanced than just communication. Negotiation is your ability to openly and honestly state your opinions and feelings, having the assurance that your partner is really listening and then working together to achieve mutually beneficial solutions.


The Friends and Family Pathway focuses on the relationships and boundaries with your extended family and friends and their impact on your marriage.


Finances include the amount of money you each earn and how you share, manage, spend, invest and save your resources.


Spirituality usually encompasses a belief in a higher Being, often including practices such as prayer, meditation, and/or self reflection.


Leisure is the time free from work that is invested in having fun, relaxing and vacationing, including both personal time and time spent with your partner.


Parenting encompasses your decisions regarding how many children you would like to have, if any, and your beliefs in the proper method of raising them.

This Marriage Pathways assessment is designed for married and engaged couples to enrich your lifelong relationship with your spouse. Enjoy!

Josephine A. Widrick
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