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Marriage Pathways
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Couple Testimonials

I didn’t feel my wife and I needed a marriage assessment. We had been married for over 21 years and by all standards had a great marriage. To my shock, we only agreed on 19 of the 40 statements. Less than half!!! Over several enjoyable lunches we openly discussed each statement and learned so much about each other that we had never known. This was a great tool for us.

Jamie and Joanne
Scottsdale, AZ

This saved our marriage! It showed us we were letting one little area of disagreement affect all the good things in our marriage. Once we identified the problem, we were able to talk it through with great results.

Dave and Cindy
Widefield, CO

My girlfriend, Joan and I were getting more and more serious. As we thought more and more about marriage, we took Marriage Pathways and found we were in agreement on almost every statement! No wonder we have so much fun together!

Tony and Joan
Conklin, NY

Ralph and I have our money in separate accounts. He has his, I have mine. Marriage Pathways showed us that as long as we were in agreement on our finances, it didn’t matter what others thought. Our marriage is ours.

Tiffany and Ralph
Mesa, AZ

Jerry and I struggled so much in our first years that it didn’t seem like we had anything in common. Marriage Pathways showed us that there are things we can celebrate. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the report really showed us what we need to work on together.

Bonnie and Jerry
Franklin, TN

I am so glad this report is confidential. We found we didn’t agree on some of the Intimacy statements. I guess I knew that, but Marriage Pathways brought it more into light where we felt comfortable talking about it…privately…in our own home.

Ray and Connie
Knoxville, TN

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